Todd Thibaud is a Vermont born, Boston based Singer-Songwriter who’s songs are a slice of what life is really like...the pains and pleasures, love lost and life reborn. Using songwriters like Elvis Costello, Neil Finn, Johnny Cash and John Hiatt for inspiration, Thibaud has built a sound that is entirely his own. His music is meshed with elements of Americana, Folk, Country and Roots Pop Rock, making it seem at once familiar and new.

After fronting his band, “Courage Brothers” and releasing two independent records in the early ‘90’s (Something Strong & Wood), Thibaud went solo and recorded two critically lauded albums for Doolittle Records (now New West Records), 1997's “Favorite Waste of Time” (produced by Bostonian musician Kevin Salem) and 1999's “Little Mystery” (Co-produced with Jim Scott: Wilco, Crowded House, Kathleen Edwards). In addition to various live recordings and DVD’s he’s since released several additional studio recordings, including 2002’s “Squash”, 2005’s “Northern Skies” (Both produced by Adam Steinberg- Patty Griffin, Dixie Chicks), and 2009’s “Broken”.

You’ve probably heard Todd even if you haven’t listened to one of his albums or attended his buoyant, high-energy shows. His songs are regularly featured on TV, where ESPN especially has taken Todd’s straight and true art to heart, and most recently on episodes of NCIS and Justified. His work has also appeared in films, such as John Favreau’s Love & Sex. Plus, the Boston-area singer and picker has been played on Americana radio since the early ‘90s.

Thibaud released his most recent album “Waterfall” in 2013. His new project, Water and Sand, with fellow singer/songwriter, Kim Taylor, released their debut album in early 2016. He tours throughout Europe regularly in both full band and acoustic formats and performs regionally at home in the U.S.

"His roots-based music and tremendous sense of melody grab your attention; his perceptive and intelligent lyrics give his songs exceptional depth."

- Twangville

 “...a terrific, endlessly listenable album that in a perfect world - or even an imperfect one - deserves to make Thibaud a star.”

 - The Boston Herald

"...resonates with Thibaud's sense of blue-collar economy. There isn't any wasted space on this record, nor a throwaway song in the bunch.  

" would be a mistake to peg him as merely a sum of those who came before him."

- No Depression

“New England’s best and most underrated singer-songwriter” 

- The Boston Globe